After School Ride Details

All the dates are available on the registration forms. There are two forms, one for riders that have done camp in 2020 so I have all the emergency information and another form that is for riders who have not ridden in my camp this year.

Once you have filled out the full registration form and want to add any more after school rides just go to the 2020 Past Reg After School Ride button on the home page.


 We meet at Contratti/Central Field of School Street Plaza behind the Bank of America off-Broadway in Fairfax.  

When I do my summer camp, I always check all the bikes for the week. For the after school rides, your rider's bike needs to be in good working condition because if I checked all the bikes, there would be no riding time.


That means air in the tires, oil on the chain all the gears and brakes working. 

If you are a new rider to camp, please make sure your rider has a bike with gears that allow them to ride uphill. On the FAQ, there is a description of what type of bike is needed. KEY POINT- A BIKE THAT HAS LOW ENOUGH GEARS TO GO UPHILL.

These rides are about having fun, getting outside and we are never in a rush. We get where we are going when we get there.

Riders are required to wear masks when arriving and when riding if they are within 6 ft of someone. When we are riding we very rarely get within 6 ft of another trail user.

Otis Guy Mountain Bike Camp, proudly created with help from Sterling Guy

Otis Guy Mountain Bike Camp 2020