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Eric has been with the camp for seven years. He’s been a Ross Valley District teacher for the last 20 years and is now a fifth-grade teacher. He has a great sense of humor, incredible cycling skills, and knowledge. Eric began riding mountain bikes in Annadel State Park in the late 80's while in high school and hasn't stopped. After working at bike shops throughout college at UC Davis and road racing, he received a degree. Eric began working as a mechanic for Mavic, Shimano, SRAM and Drake MTB. He has worked for many race teams across North America at the Tour of California, many U.S. National Championships, World Championships, and PanAm games. Safe to say Eric will be able to help get all the campers' bikes running well. Eric was the longest-tenured coach on the Drake High School MTB team.
Eric is excited to spend a few weeks helping the campers learn new skills, help them make new friends and find the same joy in riding their bikes that he has found over the years.


Otis Guy is the founder of Otis Guy Mountain Bike Camp and a counselor at the camp as well, and I am there for all camp days!! I am one of the founders of mountain biking, have coached Drake High School MTB team for seven years. The team has won 5 California State Championships while I have been coaching. I was a Firefighter/Paramedic for 33 years at Ross Valley Fire and still an active medic. I was awarded the 2018 Norcal High School Coach of the year (more of a statement for Drake MTB). I am the Director of the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame (Worldwide) and an Inducted Member since 1993. You will have someone who trained all the Ross Valley Fire Dept's on EMS for 12 years and also the WMLL coaches among others including the counselors who work (have fun) the camp. Here is a video that I did with 3 times World Champion Peter Sagan.


Marcus is a Sophomore at Santa Barbara City College this year. Marcus is Wilderness First Aid and CPR/First Aid trained. This will be his tenth year as a camp counselor. Marcus is very kind and gets along well with all the campers and really excels with the younger campers. He starred in a Specialized Bicycle commercial four years ago, which was shown worldwide during the Tour de France bicycle race in 2014. Check it out!! 

Michael kelly 2019 picture.jpg

Michael is a Senior at Sir Francis Drake High School and races Varsity on the Drake Mountain Biking Team. He has been helping out for four years, a past camper and has been universally liked by the campers. I am lucky to have him. 


Audrey is a Senior at Sir Francis Drake High School and won the 2018 Junior Varsity State Championships for the Drake MTB team. She was a past camper and brings the knowledge of attending the camp while having the training to help the campers have the best time. She is an amazing person and it has been a joy to watch her grow as a person and rider.

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Dashiel is a Sophomore at the College of Marin and was on the Drake Mountain Bike team. His uncle is an incredible Paramedic and EMS instructor. That has rubbed off on Dashiel, he is very calm and measured with the campers. This will be his fifth year helping out and we are happy he will be with us this summer.


Sterling goes to College of Marin and is studying to be an EMT. He's a Drake Mountain Bike Team alumi. Sterling has been a counselor for ten years. Sterling has a great energy and enthusiasm which connects with campers and inspires them.


Mason is a Senior at Sir Francis Drake High School. He also races at the junior varsity level for the Drake High School Mountain Bike Team. Mason was one of the many returning kids that came to the Otis Guy Mountain Bike Camp and when he eventually aged out he became a counselor. Mason is an amazing counselor. He has great communication skills, riding ability, and is an overall funny and nice person.


Our camp is about having fun and learning cycling skills. Our mission is for our campers to have fun and come away with the skills and knowledge to be able to take you on some great bike rides out of Fairfax. 
No other camp exists that has this depth of background of cycling knowledge and has the preparation to handle any emergency.


Otis was the Co Head Coach of Sir Francis Drake High School Mountain Bike team for 5 years and has been running a mountain bike camp instructing kids ages 8-13+ for the last ten years. We do have riders under 8 attend, please make sure they have the right bike and can ride uphill a little bit. Our campers will have the best safety protocols in place from not only emergency medical knowledge, but also from untold hours of leading rides for riders of all ages.  

We have a large diversity of riders from ages 8-14 years old that come from all different kinds of riding backgrounds, from beginners to advanced. We split into groups to give each rider the best camp and riding experience. 



Otis Guy 

Otis Guy is a life-long Marin resident who has been biking and hiking the trails since his youth as an Eagle Scout. He is one of the founders of mountain biking. He first started riding mountain bikes or as we called them Ballooners or Klunkers in 1973. He started building bicycle frames in 1982 (check out and formed his own Mountain Bike racing team in 1983 which culminated in 1999 with Kevin Merrigan winning the 30+ National Cyclocross Championships.  He was inducted into the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame in 1993 (check out Otis was honored in 2018 as the Norcal High School MTB Coach of the Year.

Otis also was awarded the 2017/18 NICA (National High School MTB) Community Awareness award

During the pandemic has been working as a Safety Officer for the Marin County EOC and administering vaccinations at the Marin County Super POD.

In addition to his experience as a founder of the sport, Otis brings a great deal of medical knowledge to the camp. He worked as a Firefighter/Paramedic in Ross Valley for 33 years and is still a California State Certified Paramedic. He is a California State Certified Emergency Medical Services instructor. He is also a CPR/First Aid, Emergency Medical Responder, and Wideness First Aid Instructor. Otis was the Co-Head Coach of Sir Francis Drake High School Mountain Bike Team for 5 years and coached for 7 years. He is a founding board member of the Marin Museum of Bicycling and Director of the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame.





What kind of bike do they need? What about clothing? What else should I know about attending camp?

They usually need a 24" wheel or bigger mountain bikes with 3 front chainrings (many bikes now have single chainrings but with very large cogs in the back, that bike would work!!) and low gears. What can make it very difficult for the riders is a bike with a single chainring and smaller cogs in the back. It is not about how fast they go up a hill, just that their gears are low enough to still pedal. If you have any questions regarding this, please give me a call. If they can’t fit 24” wheels, make sure their 20” wheel bike has low gears.  Also, the 24" or bigger wheels roll over bumps much better, which makes it much easier for them to improve their skills. We need all bikes to have at least one water bottle cage to keep the campers hydrated. Some riders use a camelback-type backpack to carry water. Make sure they know how to use it and are filled up when they arrive. In terms of clothing, if it's going to be a cool day have them bring a sweatshirt. We want the riders to wear some type of gloves as it helps protect their hands if they fall (it does happen occasionally). Please sunscreen up your camper before they arrive, as this is an all outdoors camp. We bring sunscreen with us if more is needed. On the last day of the camp session, we go out and ride to the inkwells near Lagunitas so if they can carry a swimsuit with them. Many campers wear their swimsuit and air dry (no towels needed), but there is a place for them to change. If there is any reason you don't want your camper to swim please let me know. 

I'm worried about if my child will last all day in a mountain bike camp?

A typical day starts out with bike checks. Each day we demonstrate and work on a specific mechanical skills as well as practical riding skills. Some examples of these skills include learning how the gears work and how best to shift, the parts of a bike, how to use the brakes, how to remove each wheel and how to fix a flat. We then go for a ride and have lunch. To conserve energy, we will play games to take a rest from riding. Sometimes we do a shorter ride or skills session. We finish up at the Fairfax Scoop and if campers would like get an ice cream they can (please supply your camper with some money to purchase an ice cream if they want one).   

Is it okay if my camper rides to and from the camp?

We do have some campers who have no problem riding to and from their home to camp. If your camper is skilled enough and you feel confident that they can do that, we are fine with your decision. 

How do you handle having riders of differing abilities and ages?

We split into groups depending on the skill and ability of the riders. That is why I have you let me know what level you think your camper is at. We take different routes to get to the same place to give each camper an experience that best fits into their strengths. That being said, sometimes riders move up a group if they are feeling stronger one day or maybe move down if they are tired from the day before. We have routes and locations that we want to get to each day, but we read the room and see how everyone is doing and adjust accordingly. It could be a hotter day and our route may be adjusted to have the riders ride in themselves around cycling. Our philosophy is to always keep looking at ways to make sure that all the rider’s needs are met. This means we may have a goal or route in mind though depending on how the campers are feeling we always adjust to make sure we keep them feeling confident while still getting them to push themselves.

What about food/lunch?

We provide snacks during the day. A small handlebar bag is supplied for use during the entire week. It is large enough to fit lunch, size is 9"s long and 4.5"s in diameter. It won't fit the large metal or plastic lunch containers. Some days we return to our starting place and have lunch locally. Other times we have lunch while we are out on the trails.

Does my camper need to be an experienced rider?

No, they simply need to be able to ride a bicycle safely. During the week we work on how to shift the gears properly and how to use brakes efficiently and safely. We teach them how to ride safely on the street and on trails by learning what to look for while riding and maneuver in the safest manner possible. The camp is about giving each rider the confidence to feel better about how they are riding. it is not about how fast anyone one of them goes, this camp is about having fun and learning how to ride.

If my child has a drug or food allergy are you equipped to deal with that?

Yes. I am a trained paramedic (very few camps -- if any-- have the medical and trauma experience that I do) and can assist with an Epi-pen administration. Please indicate on the registration form what allergies your child has so we can best accommodate them. If they are prescribed an Epi-pen please bring it each day of camp. It will travel with them in their handle bar bag. 

What about afternoon rides?

When you do the afternoon rides, the dates will be on the home page of my site and will be in both the 2021 registration form and the short form for registered 2021 riders who already completed the long form

Where do we meet and pick up?

We meet at Central Field at 8:30 am in Fairfax. It is the baseball field right near downtown Fairfax off Broadway behind the Bank of America on School Street Plaza. We are usually back at the ball field by 1:45 -2 pm if you need to pick them up early. Otherwise camp ends at 3:00 pm (also at the field). For afternoon rides we meet at 1966 SFD Blvd FFX the Marin Museum of Bicycling


"Hi, I just wanted to drop a quick note to tell you how much my boys are loving camp – Harrison today said he can’t believe how much fun biking is! Thank you not only for tiring them out, but for inspiring them They also worship your son…gotta love how “little” boys love older boys. We will definitely be back next week and next year!!"

"I just wanted to Thank you and your super group of counselors for a terrific week of mountain biking. I was so pleased at how well the camp was run and the great progress my son and daughter made in biking. They did way more that I thought they would be able too."

"This is a bit overdue, but I wanted to thank you for taking Sam at the last minute when your camp said it was full. He loves mountain biking and has the utmost respect for you, your boys and Eric. What great role models you all are!!! Thanks for inspiring him and challenging him. We sure are lucky that he is learning from the best!"

"He had a WONDERFUL time last week. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!  I appreciate the things you taught him about riding and even more importantly your kindness and positive spirit is so nice for the kids to experience."

"Thanks for letting me in this awesome biking summer camp. My favorite part was when on Friday we went to that big swimming hole."

"I wanted to personally give you kudos for Luke’s newfound love of the bicycle. He rides it every day to school (rain or shine) and has gone mountain riding a handful of times. Took him riding on Wednesday and saw something I have never seen:  a true love for the bike! He ripped up the hills and down them. I can’t thank you enough Otis. Magical!"







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